Tuesday, January 3, 2012


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It seems there are three kinds of people when it comes to New Year's resolutions:
1. People who make vague resolutions that you can't quantify (and therefore can't fail)
2. People who hate new year's resolutions
3. People who use resolutions as a cop out blog post.
4. People who actually make realistic goals and accomplish them over the course of the year (only rumored to exist)

I am absolutely in categories 1-3 right now and hopefully (probably laughably) trying to make it into that fourth category. Here's what I've got for 2012:

1. Blog. I've been thinking of starting a blog for more than a year and have had this url for probably six months...and this is my first post. I've changed the blog design 4 or 5 times already and my astounding perfectionism/neverhappywithanythingism has held me back too long. The piece of advice that I keep coming across on how to have a successful blog is resoundingly START BLOGGING NOW, so, here we are.

2. Take more risks. Fashionably and otherwise. I love fashion and reading fashion blogs so I'm pretty caught up on trends, yet I dress fairly boringly. This is the year I start embracing trends I like and stop worrying if other people like it or not.

3. Take more photos. Because I love looking at old pictures but don't have that many from the past year. It's time to change that!

4. Keep learning. I just graduated from college and although I'm officially out in the real world, I don't by any means want to stop learning new things. In fact, the things on my "to learn" list now (java, piano, Arabic) sound much more interesting than managerial finance.

5. Have more stories to tell. Last year was incredible-- I got my first apartment, graduated from college, had two internships, met some awesome people and went to some crazy parties. This year I'm going to try to get out there even more and make 2012 my best year yet.

Cristin is the editor of Sociosonic. She has a bachelor's degree in sociology and works in healthcare administration.


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